Case - 37

The People represented by John Smith v Michael Stott and Donna Lee Andrews

In relation to the Statement of Claim and the supporting evidence presented this day by John Smith on behalf of the people, the Jury, consisting of twelve reasonably minded men and women and having considered all the evidence presented at this hearing, issue various orders against the Defendants.

The Defendants were issued with a court summons, on behalf of the people yet they have confirmed that do not wish to answer to the people.

John Smith on behalf of the people pointed out that considering the Defendants both claimed to stand under common law, they do not do so.


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Court Summons - Michael Stott            Court Summons - Donna-Lee Andrews               Court Information                           Statement of Claim

Mike Stott Reply                                    Donna-Lee Reply                                                Donna-Lee Affadavit                       CLC Declaration

David Laity Statement                           Anthony Coles Statement                                   Lyndon Farrington Statement          Sharon Andrews Statement

Jada Cosslett Statement