Case - 34

The People (Represented by Willie Mercer) v’s Theresa May & Nicky Morgan

Convened as a lawfully recognised Common Law Court on the 22nd September 2019, the Common Law Court dealt with the issue of the unlawful roll out for 5G and the harm, loss and injury caused to living men and women.

In relation to the Plaintiffs case, Willie Mercer presented his Statement of Claim on behalf of the people, a power point presentation and gave evidence confirming various crimes committed against the people.

The Defendants having been served with a Court Summons, Court Information and a copy of the case against them (Statement of Claim), failed to appear.

The Defendants failed to submit a written defense and failed to take up the opportunity of a Pre-Trial Conference, to resolve matters before the hearing.

After an extensive presentation, witness affidavits, supporting documents and an examination of the evidence, they Jury of twelve reasonably minded men and women returned the following verdicts.

In relation to the case of ‘The People (Represented by Willie Mercer) v’s Theresa May & Nicky Morgan’ and the request for Court Orders, all were granted.