Case - 31

The People (Represented by John Smith) v’s Nicholas Loraine Smith (Judge) & Jean Luc Gadaud (Judge)

Convened as a lawfully recognised Common Law Court on the 31st August 2019, the Common Law Court dealt with the request for guilty verdicts and court orders for the named Defendants.

Nicholas Loraine Smith Southwark Crown Court, Judge Jean Luc Gadaud Court of Appeal Paris, Judge In relation to the Plaintiffs case, John Smith presented his Statement of Claim on behalf of the people and called on a witness (Stephen Crielly) to give evidence, this witness spoke at length and referred to video evidence that he provided.

The Defendants having been served with a Court Summons, Court Information and a copy of the case against them (Statement of Claim), failed to appear.

The Defendants failed to submit a written defense and failed to take up the opportunity of a Pre-Trial Conference to resolve matters before the hearing.

The request for a guilty verdict and court orders was made by the people as they required the assistance of the court to deal with the unlawful behaviour of the Defendants towards David Noakes, Lynda Thyer and GcMAF.

The Defendants in this action have targeted innocent members of the public, with the intention of protecting vested business interests and maintaining their monopoly of the judicial and pharmaceutical systems.

Never, in this case, could it be argued that ‘Justice can be seen to be done’ or ‘In the mind of a reasonable man, that justice was not impartial’.

Indeed, it could easily be argued that the Defendants, nor the state prosecutor from France could be described as having acted reasonably, given all the circumstances of this case.

Their conduct has been so divergent from the rule of law that any reasonably minded member of public would have zero confidence or trust in their ability to act lawfully.

Given this state of departure from the rule of law, the reasonably minded people have chosen to convene their own lawful common law courts.

After an extensive presentation, a witness statement, supporting videos and an examination of the evidence, they Jury returned the following verdicts.

In relation to the case of ‘The People (Represented by John Smith) v’s Nicholas Loraine Smith (Judge) & Jean Luc Gadaud (Judge)’ and the request for Court Orders, all were granted.

To view a copy of the issued court orders click the link.