Case - 17

The People (represented by Joanna Cridlin) v Seve Olaniyan

The Common Law Court which was convened on the 3rd June 2018, returned a GUILTY verdict for the Defendant (listed below).

The Defendant was publicly charged by the People of Great Britain, with complicity in Crimes against the People of Great Britain and an ongoing Criminal Conspiracy. Defendant: Seye Olaniyan (Solicitor), Legal Services Team, Optivo, Colwell House, 376 Clapham Road, London, SW9 9AR Under Common Law, all men and women are held accountable for their own behaviour, in their personal and private capacities. ‚Äč The jury confirmed that it is no longer acceptable for individuals to hide behind the statutory system.

If people are responsible for causing harm, loss or injury to others, they are guilty of crimes against the people.