Case - 13

John Smith v Peter Movromatis

Convened as a lawfully recognised Common Law Court on the 6th May 2018, the Common Law Court named and indicted the following Respondent for crimes ranging from, a wilful neglect of duty, malfeasance, a failure in the duty of care owed to the Pursuer, fraud and theft. ​ Respondent: Peter Mavromatis, The Asset Management Group Ltd, 13 -21 High Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 3DG ​ The Pursuer, John Smith presented a Statement of Claim which highlighted the unlawful and fraudulent behaviour of the Respondent in relation to the theft of his personal property.

In addition to this behaviour the Pursuer also highlighted the unlawful use of the statutory judicial system to assist the Respondent. ​ To address the issues raised and in support of his Statement of Claim, the Pursuer highlighted the following points: ​ The unlawful creation of the statutory birth certificate. ​ The requirements for a valid contract. ​ Confirmation that parents do not have any authority over their own children and that the state own them. ​ The unlawful use of the legal fiction. ​ Confirmation that the statutory authorities (GOVERNMENTS, POLICE, COURTS, LOCAL AUTHORITIES, SOCIAL SERVICES ETC.) are all corporate bodies, run for profit. ​ The Common Law Birth Certificate which confirms that the statutory authorities have no personal jurisdiction over the Pursuer. ​ The Ownership Certificate for the legal fiction which also confirms that the statutory authorities have no authority or jurisdiction over the Pursuer. ​ The Purchase, Ownership and Transfer Certificate for the titled property referred to and its transfer to Common Law Jurisdiction.

This Certificate confirms that the statutory authorities no longer have any control over it. ​ The receipt of the above information to the Respondent and his failure to comply with Common Law Court Deeds. ​ The use of the statutory judicial system to protect the Respondent and vested interests, while also assisting in fraud and the theft of the Pursuers property. ​ ​ In conclusion, it was pointed out that the issue put before the court was not the fraudulent and unlawful behaviour of the authorities but the fraudulent and unlawful behaviour of an individual.

This individual has used the statutory system for fraud, theft and to assist in his protection, ensuring that he is not held accountable for his behaviour. ​ The Pursuer had also pointed out that this is not just a crime against him but against the people in this country as individuals who are either negligent or guilty of committing crimes against the people are not held accountable for their actions. Men, women and children are suffering, because of the unlawful behaviour of the statutory authorities and the Pursuer stated that it is no longer acceptable to do nothing. ​ The Pursuer then submitted a request for the following orders: ​ 1.

The Pursuer required a court order to obtain the return of the keys for his property, within seven days from receipt of the order by the Respondent. ​ 2.

The Pursuer also requested an order to confirm that if the Respondent fails to comply with the first order, he will be committing a crime under Common Law for which he will be prosecuted in a Common Law Court. ​ ​ After the Pursuers Statement of Claim presentation, the jury adjourned to deliberate after which they returned and issued the following verdicts: ​​ It is hereby ordered that after a unanimous decision of the court, the house keys for the Pursuers property (12 Whitestripes Place, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, AB22 8WA) must be returned to the Pursuer within seven days of this order. ​ It is further ordered that failure to comply with this order may be a criminal offence under Common Law and a crime against the people.

Should the Respondent fail to comply with this order he will be prosecuted under Common Law as everyone is held personally accountable for their actions in their private capacity.