Two Jurisdictions

Two Jurisdictions

3 years ago

In relation to an appeal hearing on the 31st August 2018 (LIV-B560-17), Appeal Sheriff McCulloch confirmed that we currently have two separate jurisdictions operating, the statutory system and that of the Common Law Court.

Appeal Sheriff McCulloch also blatantly lied after he was informed that he worked for the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service, Sheriff McCulloch stated that he was not paid by them had nothing to do with them, this despite the fact that he is listed a director and shown in a photo on the website.


Taken from the Scottish Courts Website

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service Board

Sheriff A Grant McCulloch Sheriff McCulloch was a solicitor in private practice for 30 years. He was appointed a temporary Sheriff in 1992 and thereafter Sheriff in 2004, first in Dundee, and is currently senior Sheriff at Kirkcaldy. He is a graduate of Edinburgh University, in Law (1973) & Social Sciences (1974). He was a solicitor-advocate, from 1993.




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