The People vs Lynne Hobbs

The People v’s Lynne Hobbs

7 months ago

The People (Represented by John Smith)


Lynne Hobbs (Acting as the Locality Reporter Manager)


This case addresses the issue of crimes committed against the people by a living woman, Lynne Hobbs.

To highlight such crimes we have referred to her kidnapping and unlawful detention of five children.

To assist in these crimes, Lynne has been using the judicial system, courts, police, councils, the Children’s Reporter and the healthcare system,  while binding the people into slavery.

To view the case file and lodged Exhibits please view the documents below:


Initial Writ               Case File


Exhibit 1                    Exhibit 2                    Exhibit 3a                 Exhibit 3b                    Exhibit 3c

Exhibit 3d                 Exhibit 3e                   Exhibit 4a                 Exhibit 4b                    Exhibit 4c

Exhibit 4d                 Exhibit 4e                   Exhibit 5                   Exhibit 6                      Exhibit 7

Exhibit 8                   Exhibit 9                    Exhibit 10                 Exhibit 11                     Exhibit 12

Exhibit 13                 Exhibit 14



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