Re-Possession Stopped (19.02.19)

Re-Possession Stopped (19.02.19)

2 years ago

Welcome to world of property theft, the statutory courts (administrative hearings) and the mortgage industry.

On Tuesday 19th February 2019 the bailiffs failed to turn up to a property in Milton Keynes, despite serving paperwork confirming the date and time for the eviction.

Paperwork had been served to the interested parties confirming that they did not have a court order signed by a judge, the mortgage company had also created and used fraudulent paperwork (N49) to instruct the bailiffs to evict and that the bailiffs had also created a fraudulent document (EX96), which they then tried to use to evict the homeowners.

In addition to the above, the homeowners, a living man and woman, have confirmed their standing under common law by recording their births with the Common Law Court, they have obtained the ownership of the legal fictions attached to them and that their property has been transferred to the jurisdiction of the Common Law Court.

On the day of eviction a locksmith appeared but left after receiving a phone call, ten minuets before the planned eviction, he left. No bailiffs attended and the homeowner remained in his house.

On a final point the Common Law Court would also like to thank the individual men and women, who turned up on the day to assist and witness proceedings. By standing together, we can assert our birth rights and hold every individual accountable for committing crimes against the people.


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