CLC Passport

Given the currently difficulties facing living men and women, the Common Law Court is now offering the opportunity to purchase your own Common Law Court Passport.

This passport and its use are only available to living men, women and their property (children). These individuals will have established their position through a declaration of birth with the Common Law Court and will have obtained the required reference number. 

Your Common Law Court Passport confirms the following:

That all men and women are created equal.

That the holder of this passport is not:

A strawman in commerce.

A corporate fiction.

A legal entity.

Or a person.

The right to freedom of association is a fundamental and inherent right that all living men and women have.

The Common Law Court abhors slavery in all forms.

That a company with a profit motive, or without it, does not have authority over a living man or living woman.

That everyone standing under the Common Law Court is living and not a citizen.

That the holder of this passport only has a contract with the people, as we stand under common law.

That where there is equality, without consent there is no authority or jurisdiction.

Neither force, nor weapons, nor fear, are sources of law.


We The People, confirm that this passport can be used to establish your standing as a living man or woman.

Having established your standing, you are no longer subject to statutory laws unless you consent to them.

This passport has been issued by CLC International and carries with it the authority of the Common Law Court.

This passport has also been registered with the Universal Postal Union, also confirming your right to travel freely under their rules.

Although this passport confirms your standing and right to travel, it does not give you access to statutory benefits, entitlement and/or privileges in the country that you are visiting.     


To purchase your CLC Passport click on the link below, complete the form, upload a passport photo and make your payment.

Due to the demand for Passports, please allow 4 weeks for these to be processed.